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"My mind may be slow, but I move like greased lightning!"

Profile: Space Case is an aptly-named lunatic who makes no secret of his deranged state of mind. His cerebro-circuitry is such a jumble that he can barely remember which side he's fighting for, let alone what his mission was. On Cybertron, he flunked flight school twice in a row; the only reason he was ever accepted into the Decepticon ranks was because he managed to forge himself a passing grade. His lack of proper training remains profoundly evident to anyone who's ever fought alongside him, or against him—while he's equipped with the latest in high-tech firepower and alternate-mode propulsion systems, he doesn't know how to use any of it effectively. The best his commanding officers can hope for is to point him in the right direction and hope he does more damage to the other side than he does to his own team.

Abilities: In jet mode, Space Case is one of the fastest and most maneuverable Decepticons. His plasma-powered engines enable him to reach speeds of Mach 5; he is also capable of traveling limited distances in outer space. He launches computer-guided probes with a wide array of sensors capable of extensive reconnaissance studies. His undercarriage launcher fires quantum particle missiles, creating localized distortions in gravity that can cause his targets to implode. This launcher turns into an arm-mounted weapon for his robot mode, serving a his main form of offense.

Weaknesses: Space Case's lack of intelligence is his greatest liability. His speed and weaponry are the only reasons he's successfully evaded capture and destruction by the Autobots.

Space Case (Robot and Jet Modes)

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