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"The enemy of my enemy is my comrade."

Profile: Speed Demon is a former Decepticon agent who was rescued by the Autobots.  After he was left for dead, the Autobots recovered him and rebuilt into his current form. While the other Autobots are motivated by the desire to do good, Speed Demon's primary motivation is revenge against the Decepticons for abandoning him.  This creates some tension within the ranks.  "I wish he were on the right side for the right reason," Optimus Prime has been known to say.  Speed Demon is thankful to the Autobots for giving him a new lease on life, and he tries to fit in, but Decepticon warrior blood flows strong through his fuel lines.  The other Autobots are put off by his alarmingly violent tendencies, and that isn't ever likely to change.

Abilities:    In car mode, Speed Demon can travel on land, over water, or even in the air for limited distances.  As a former Decepticon jet fighter, he's more comfortable flying than driving.  In robot mode, he is armed with a shoulder-mounted ionic displacer cannon capable of disrupting the electrical systems of his opponents.  He also carries a liquifier pistol that can reduce metal into puddles of molten slag.

Weaknesses:   Speed Demon is a capable warrior, but the other Autobots don't trust him. Optimus Prime's continued insistance that they give him a chance is the only thing that prevents them from turning on him.

STR: 10 INT: 6 SPD: 8 END: 7
RNK: 4 CRG: 6  FPW: 7 SKL: 2

Speed Demon

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Hound, Speed Demon, Sunstreaker, and Bluestreak (from "Divide and Conquer")