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"No cage is strong enough to hold me!"

Profile: Stampede is an extreme claustrophobic.  Any time he finds himself in an enclosed space, he immediately begins to panic—stuttering, sweating lubricant uncontrollably, even smashing through walls in an attempt to escape.  If he had his way, he would spend his time running freely through the vast, metallic plains of his native Cybertron.  Stampede fulfils his role as a scout well, since he operates at top form when he's outdoors exploring the terrain, and looking for fuel sources or useful raw materials or enemy Autobots.  Sometimes, however, when the Decepticons let him run loose, they wonder if it's going to be the last time they'll ever see him.

Abilities:  As a rhinoceros, Stampede can run as fast as 75 mph, and his hooves can be replaced with rockets, wheels, skis, and more as needed, allowing him to adapt to nearly any terrain.  He uses a pair of back-mounted dual sonic detonator cannons, capable of projecting sound energy as loud as 210 decibels.  In robot mode, Stampede carries a particle accellerator rifle, capable of exciting the individual molecules in an opponent's armor, making them weaker and subject to fracture.  He typically uses this weapon in conjunction with his laser-guided energo-sword, weakening the molecular bonds with his rifle first and then cutting into an Autobot's armor with his sword.

Weaknesses: Stampede's paralyzing fears are by far his greatest shortcoming.  All it takes to defeat him is to lure him into an enclosed space, and and his own psychosis takes care of the rest.

STR: 6  INT: 5  SPD: 7  END: 6
RNK: 4  CRG: 1  FPW: 8  SKL: 3


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Stampede (from "Five Faces of Darkness" part 1)