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"Either you're fighting beside me, or you're flattened beneath me!"

Profile: Steamer has a nasty attitude problem.  He relishes solitude to the point that he can't stand other robots being anywhere near him.  If an unsuspecting Decepticon gets too close, he usually explodes in a fit of unabashed rage.  The only thing that seems to satisfy him is doing his job—he relishes the chance to crush something beneath his powerful rollers, be it raw materials or a fallen Autobot.  It is for this reason alone that he tolerates his fellow Constructicons; working with them gives him a chance to fulfil his purpose in life.  As long as the war continues, Steamer will have a means to vent his frustrations—but the other Constructicons worry that one day he'll turn on them as well, once there are no Autobots left to flatten. 

Abilities: Steamer transforms into a steam roller capable of traveling at 70 mph.  His roller is titanium-reinforced and can crush a line of 20 bumper-to-bumper automobiles in under 10 seconds.  His roller also secretes various acids and other chemicals that help break down his raw materials for refinement into stronger alloys.  In robot mode, he carries a laser pistol and a welding gun.  When combining with his fellow Constructicons, he forms Devastator's solar energy beam rifle, enabling him to sear a hole through a ten-foot thick slab of steeel in .08 seconds.

Weaknesses: Steamer's penchant for working alone is his biggest drawback.  He is the one Constructicon most often damaged in battle because he is frequently separated from his teammates.

Streamer (Robot and Steam Roller Modes)

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