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"Why waste good time in thinking? Just BLAST your way in!"

Profile: Terradive is the solid muscle-cable of the Decepticon team. Most of his circuitry is dedicated to his physical strength, so while he tends to come up short in the brains department, he quite literally possesses tons of brute force. Complex battle strategies are lost on him; instead of spending time thinking about what he's doing, he'd rather crash into the action, guns blazing, and sort it all out later. If he can said to entertain any thoughts at all, they would almost all revolve around wiping out each and every Autobot from the universe. What's more, he loves his work, and that makes him dangerous. Utterly dedicated to the Decepticon cause, Terradive won't stop until he's mowed down his sworn enemies.

Abilities: Terradive transforms into a bomber plane, capable of reaching 1300 mph with the use of his tail-mounted propulsion thruster. He is equipped with an undercarriage radar targeting system, which he typically uses to hunt down Autobots who are hiding from him. One he's located them, he lets loose with his wing-mounted cluster bombs and his nose-mounted laser cannon. In robot mode, Terradive has enormous strength, easily besting most Autobots twice his size. In this form, his undercarriage module doubles as a powerful concussion blaster.

Weaknesses: Terradive's slow-witted nature makes it easy to outsmart him. There have even been occasions where he ran out of energy in mid-flight because he forgot to refuel before he left.

Terradive (Robot and Bomber Plane Modes)

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