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"Transport to Oblivion"

Transformers Classic Episode #4

Written by Dick Robins and Bryce Malek

"Our new intergalactic transport system is almost complete."

 Months after the Autobots downed the Decepticons' space cruiser (see "More than Meets the Eye" part 3), an entire city near Autobot Headquarters begins losing power.  The blackout can be traced to a nearby solar power station--and Megatron, whose Decepticons are draining the station's energy and converting it to energon cubes. The Autobots immediately launch an attack, but Ironhide is wounded in the battle.  The Decepticons escape.

 Without his space cruiser, the Autobots are curious as to how Megatron plans to ship the energon back to Cybertron.  Bumblebee and Spike search for the Decepticons and discover a secret operation in a dried-up river bed.

  Meanwhile, back on Cybertron, the Decepticons are desperate for energy.  Shockwave makes a last-ditch attempt to contact Megatron and succeeds.  Shockwave has developed a new  long-range transport system called the space bridge.  It is capable of transporting a small unmanned vehicle through the light years to Cybertron in seconds.  It is a perfect way for the Decepticons to send shipments of stolen energy back home.

 After the first test fails, Megatron realizes the vehicle simply needs a pilot.  Understandably, none of the Decepticons are willing to volunteer, but just as Megatron is about to select a pilot, Bumblebee and Spike come tumbling down the river bed.  

 They are both put inside the test vehicle.  "I wish our luck would change," Spike mutters.  With that, Bumblebee transforms, crashing through the glass cockpit of the vehicle. Spike tells Bumblebee to get help, and Bumblebee reluctantly leaves him behind.  The Decepticons finally catch up to him, though, and Megatron reporgrams his memory chips.  He plans to have the unwitting Bumblebee lead the Autobots into a trap.

 When Bumblebee returns to Autobot Headquarters, he tells Optimus that the space bridge is in a nearby cave. When the Autobots arrive at the cave, however, the Decepticons attack them, finally escaping and blasting the mouth of the cave, creating a pile of rocks that seals the opening.  

 While the Autobots work their way free from the cavern, Ratchet discovers that Bumblebee's memory banks were altered, and Bumblebee remembers the true location of the space bridge.

 The Autobots hasten to the river bed and free Spike from the test vehicle.  When the space bridge is set to transport, though, Megatron is determined to get the energon cubes over the bridge before it closes.  The Autobots blast the cubes, knocking Megatron into the transport cycle, where he vanishes.

 With Megatron gone, Starscream declares himself leader, and the Decepticons fly off.  The Autobots celebrate, but unknown to them, Megatron has survived the journey...