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Zobovor's Updates Archive (1999)

I am constantly making minor modifications to various pages (correcting spelling mistakes, adding a few new bloopers here and there, scraping gum off the seats, etc.) but they don't warrant an update in the archive; you won't find those here.  Also, keep in mind that some of these links may no longer be active as I shift, change, and rearrange the good ol' ZMFTS.

(10-19)  Updates will be delayed for a few weeks due to the massive data entry required for the Transformers Television Encyclopedia.  Please be patient--it will be worth the wait!

(10-9)  My Fox Kids Waspinator Repaint is up.  Much thanks to ViceGripX for the scans.  

(10-8)  The Hot Wheels Transformers Repaints page has exploded!  (Somebody get a mop.)  40 diecast and plastic vehicles n' things are uploaded, with more to come!  Keep checking back!  All this, and ginsu knives, too!  (Most of the links work.  Honest.)

(10-5)  Added some new Beast Machines info to the Transformers Voice Actors Page.

(9-30)  TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE II is up!  This section will feature profiles for the comic book, cartoon, and G2 characters who never got TFU profiles of their own.

I also added my CommTech-Embedded R2-D2 kitbash to Zobovor's Kitbashes.

(9-20)  Removed the "Dark Glass" petition from the main page.  (I know, I feel horrible about it too.)

(9-12)  Added a couple new nuggets to Attack of TORCA!!:  A picture and tech specs for the Japanese version of Torca, Elephaorca; and Pyre [Rock]'s repaint of him as Deathblow.

(9-10)  The bloopers are back by popular demand!  Recent discussion on ATT has inspired me to put up the bloopers for "Money is Everything" and "Grimlock's New Brain."  

(9-6)  Whilst digging through my AOL Press files I discovered Zob's Thoughts on Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, which I wrote a couple weeks after seeing the film.  The hysterical thing is, I've had it saved to the web all this time, I just never bothered to link to it...

(8-26... and 8-28)  The scanner is being good to me these days.  I've got some of my Hot Wheels Repaints up--just the Autobots, for the time being.  (Sorry, screwed up the link again!  Give me a break--I've been so under the weather, I was subterrainian.)

(8-23)  Scanned in my Beast Wars Figurines repaints.  (Yes, friends, I was linking to the images on my C: drive.  No wonder nobody else could see them but me!  Seriously, I fixed 'em.)

(8-22)  Finally put up my Neo-Knights Rapture Kitbash (mee-row!) and Final Fantasy II Cecil (as Dark Knight) Kitbash (that link should work now).  I finished these guys weeks ago--I've just been too lazy to scan them in.  

(8-13)  I haven't abandoned the site yet, I'm just taking a breather.  I did put up a cute little poem called "A Quick Guide to Beast Wars (In Rhyme)," by the clever Ellen Brand, on Zobovor's Fanfics Page.  Also running are Zob's Thoughts (which include, among other things, my episode and toy reviews).

(7-25)  It sure has been one kitbashin' summer.  My Star Wars Dagobah R2-D2 and Bespin C-3PO with Removable Leg are finished, as is my Neo-Knights Thunderpunch Kitbash.  I also moved my Circuit Breaker and Transmutate kitbashes over to my Webjump space (put up some new images and touched up the old ones a bunch, too).  Additionally, I wrote up a guide called Zobovor's Fun with Kitbashing which I hope can be of some use to novice customizers.

(7-12)  My Final Fantasy II Kain Kitbash and Neo-Knights Dynamo Kitbash are finished.  I also tweaked a few pictures for the Final Fantasy II Cecil (as Paladin) Kitbash and added a handful of Wacky Shelf Tags.

(7-7)  Added the Transformers: Generation 2 Episode Guide and a new link button (10 K) for this site.

(6-30)  Put up a few new Wacky Shelf Tags, and finally got around to putting up the new logo for this page.(6-23)  Utinni!  There's a set of repainted Star Wars Push Pins up on Zobovor's Kitbashes page.

(6-17)  Wheee!  Check out my latest kitbashes:  Cecil (as Paladin) from Final Fantasy II; and two Tales of Torlynn characters of my own design, Tha'aron Mendonshire (Human Mage) and Jerryl Sedget (Gnome Cleric).  

(6-14)  My take on Retrax's creation, entitled "Re-Life," is now up on my Transformers Fan Fiction page.

I also hope to alleviate some of the confusion regarding a certain TM2 fishy, in a spot called Deciphering Cybershark.

(6-4)  Against better judgement and good taste, I finally decided to put up my Wacky Shelf Tag collection.

Also, please sign the "Dark Glass" petition!  It may be the only way we'll ever be able to see the script for the "lost" Beast Wars episode.

(6-3)  I apologize for the relative lack of New Stuff lately.  Rest assured that I've been busying myself with all sorts of wonderful kitbashes, fanfics, and miscellaneous projects.  I did add about 20 more Transformers: the Movie Bloopers. Think of it as the Movie Bloopers: Special Edition.  

Also, construction has begun on Zobovor's Transformers Television Encyclopedia (only the home page is up at the moment), which will be up and running before the end of 1999!

(5-22)  Got new information on about 40 characters for the Transformers Voice Actors List, bringing it very close to complete.  Thanks, Donny!  

(5-17)  My "Roll for It" bloopers are (finally) finished!  I also added a couple of fun web sites (with MIDI files from the Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior games) to Zobovor's Links Page.

(5-2)  Well, I've got an image of my Pretender Starscream repaint up, but be warned, it's not a great scan.

(5-1)  My "Transport to Oblivion" bloopers are finished!

And yet another new kitbash is up--my Injector Repaint: Insectisharkticon.  (What can I say?  I was sick last week.  I had some extra time on my hands.)  

Also added a link to Attack of TORCA!! from the main page since I seem to have neglected one.  (I mean, all the True Believers know the URL by heart, but as for the rest of you...)

(4-28)  Added a couple new images to my kitbashes page--my Microverse Optimus Primal repaint and a sneak peek at my Hot Wheels Transformers.

(4-17)  My "Five Faces of Darkness" bloopers are completed!  Prepare to be not-so-shocked and really-not-all-that-amazed at the most notoriously bad Transformers episodes in history!

(4-15)  My action figures want list, as well as my list of toys I have available for trade, can now be found at Scukzoid Central.  

(4-14)  Just for fun I scanned in a recent flyer from work, The Hasbro News, promoting the new Phantom Menace toys.  There's nothing about the toys we don't know already, but did you know what the Toys "R" Us store display will look like?  :)

(4-10)  Added and corrected a few voices to the Transformers Voice Actors List.  A very special thanks to Michael Chain for steering me in the right direction on a few of his characters.

(3-27)  The Attack of TORCA!! page is up!  Pay tribute to the greatest Beastie of them all, and maybe he won't impale you.

I've also begun an update archive for this page.  It's really a way of me to keep track of the work I've done on this page (I am notoriously convinced of my own nonproductivity if I don't have proof), but feel free to leaf through it if you're really that desperate to know what month I added a certain bloopers review.  I suppose I should have started this back in September, instead of deleting updates as they become obsolete, but you can't prove that I've had this page for that long anyway.  :)

(3-25)  The greatest fanfic epic of my career is finally completed!  The true origins of the Constructicons are revealed in "A Thing of the Past."

(3-18)  Finally colored and scanned that Unicron drawing everbody's been asking about.  (Well, all two of you.)

(3-14)  There's a new article about the Transformers Super NES game in the Hall of Records.  ("What Transformers Super NES game?"  Exactly!)

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