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ZMFTS Update Log (2009)

I'm always making little changes here and there that won't merit a mention in the updates log, but just about anything new that I've added to the site can be found here.  Keep in mind that some links on this page will no longer work as the site continues to evolve.  Always start from the home page to find the most current links!


ZMFTS News Flash!As I write this, huge chunks of my web site are offline because AOL decided to cancel its web hosting service in October.  (I didn't actually notice until last December.  Shows you just how much I pay attention.)  I had been planning to do some kind of big tenth anniversary thing for the ZMFTS, but that sort of thing is hard to do when the site up and disappears without warning.  This actually couldn't have come at a more convenient time, since I really didn't have time to do anything special in the first place.  So, anyway.  Ten years.  Hurrah.

Anyway, I've still been finishing projects and posting the page links to, even though the pages themselves don't link to anything else.  At some point this year I want to move the entire site to Fortunecity, but if I'm going to upload  all those files, I want all the HTML formatting to be consistent and up to my current standards, and that will take a lot of work.  (It's just one of those ongoing projects, like photodocumenting my 3700+ collectibles or taking new pictures of my 350+ projects.)  Anyway, these links will be available once the site goes live again, so I'm adding them here.  Plus, as I've said before, I'm notoriously unconvinced of my own nonproductivity if I don't have documentation of it somewhere, so if nothing else, this will be useful for the updates archive.


  • 2009 will be, I hope, the year I finally get done all those PVC figures of generic Decepticon jets from the G1 cartoon.  There's only a handful of them left to go, actually.  I've been saving two of the more important ones for last, namely Harbinger and Herald, the two purple guys who harassed Sideswipe and Sunstreaker in "More Than Meets the Eye" part 2.  (Yes, technically they already did a BotCon version of one of these guys, but the colors are a bit off, and I insist on having figures on my Heroes of Cybertron display shelf that look like the characters from the cartoon.)
  • I also painted up a Robot Heroes version of G1 Frenzy, intended as a counterpart for the existing Robot Heroes version of Rumble.  (You're not gonna believe this, but he's actually in Hasbro toy colors, not Sunbow animation colors!  I know—I'm shocked, too!)


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