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"I'm revved up and ready to rock!"

Profile: Volt is the most hot-headed and volatile of the Autobots. Impatient and impetuous, he'll wade into a battle before he's even completed his transformation to robot mode, and even the slightest provocation is enough to set him off. Volt believes in preserving the peace, but once a battle has begun, he's a fearless fighter who will stop at nothing. It's not enough to simply drive the Decepticons away; Volt will chase them down and, if he manages to catch them, dismantle them. Sometimes, he'll even run them over in vehicle mode a few times, just to make sure he's gotten the job done.

Abilities: Volt's turbo-charged, vintage vehicle mode is built for battle, capable of speeds of up to 410 mph for extremely limited distances. It produces the equivalent of 200 horsepower in second gear alone. His engine is outfitted with side-mounted air intake valves to reduce overheating and a front nitro blaster that vents excess exhaust fumes. In robot mode, Volt wields a powerful electrified light saber that is powered directly by his engine. Once his ignition switch is activated, the saber radiates 60 times hotter than a tail pipe. Volt's technician skills also provide him with the ability to make most types of field repairs on his fellow Autobots.

Weaknesses: Volt's lack of patience frequently results in poor mechanic work on his part. He also suffers from extremely inefficient fuel consumption, resulting in his inability to function at maximum power for more than a few minutes at a stretch.

Volt (Robot and Vintage Car Modes)

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