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"Victory is a journey, not a destination."

Profile: Warhead never passes up the opportunity to pick a fight. He is rowdy, rebellious, and just plain rude.  He'll run over your foot if you're not careful, and afterwards he'll laugh about it.  Ask him to please be more careful, and you'll likely get a broken olfactory sensor for your trouble.  Warhead is proud to be an Autobot and believes in the cause, but he prefers to get things done without supervision.  He doesn't follow orders, preferring to handle things in his own way.  He typically travels the long stretches of highway looking for some sign of trouble, ready to lend a helping hand at a moment's notice.  Whether he has a good reason or not, Warhead will find a way to get involved.  There's nothing more he loves than a good, old-fashioned brawl.  Warhead is paired with Hollowpoint, a former Nebulan professor who is Warhead's opposite in almost every way.  Hollowpoint is polite, well-spoken, and keeps mostly to himself.  He doesn't understand Warhead's belligerent attitude and is constantly trying to get him to behave in a more civilized manner.  Not surprisingly, Warhead doesn't listen, but that doesn't stop Hollowpoint from trying.  The two are constantly at odds, and it is only due to their dependency on each other as Targetmaster partners that the two continue to tolerate each other.

Abilities:   As a tractor trailer, Warhead has a  storage capacity of 500,000 cubic feet, using his trailer module to carry weapons, supplies, ammunition, or troops into battle.  When he transforms to robot mode, his trailer unfolds into a battle station.  The station is equipped with a deployable turbo buggy vehicle that can operate up to 10 miles away as well as semi-autonomous sentry robot that is equipped with dual photon blasters.  Hollowpoint transforms into a twin-barrelled molecular destabilizer cannon, turning the consistency of most metals into that of plywood.  Hollowpoint can serve as Warhead's handheld weapon, can mount to Warhead's truck cab in vehicle mode,  or can attach to the turbo buggy.

Weaknesses:  Warhead and Hollowpoint have the worst working relationship out of all the Autobot Targetmasters.  Also, Warhead's tendency to ignore orders has gotten him into trouble on more than one occasion.

STR: 8  INT: 6  SPD: 7  END: 8 
RNK: 6  CRG: 9  FPW: 9  SKL: 4


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Warhead (from "The Rebirth" part 1)