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"Destroy everything, and then destroy some more!"

Profile: Nothing is safe from being demolished when Whirlybird is on the scene.  Once he arrives, he shoots everything in sight and doesn't stop until he's completely exhausted his weapons.  Even running out of ammunition doesn't stop him—he just starts pummeling things with his fists.  It's not that he's particularly angry; he just really enjoys destroying things.  The other Decepticons have given up trying to reason with him.  Now, they just run for cover as soon as he shows up and they hope he does more damage to the Autobots than he does to them!

Abilities:  In helicopter mode, Whirlybird uses two tail-mounted energy beam guns that can bind targets together with an unbreakable column of pure energy.  This enables him to take down his targets more easily with the use of his nose-mounted laser blaster cannon.  He can also use all of these weapons as a robot.  Although this strategy has proven remarkably effective during the few times that he's actually bothered to utilize it, Whirlybird rarely has the patience for it.  He favors a berserker approach instead, firing blindly and hoping that he puts enough holes in the Autobots to take them down.

Weaknesses: Whirlybird is more destructive than useful.  On a good day, he only manages to wreck useful tools, equipment, and supplies.  On a bad day, he ends up putting his own allies in the repair bay.  Also, his rotor blades are his weakest part, and he is completely incapacitated as a helicopter if they are damaged.

STR: 5  INT: 7  SPD: 8  END: 4
RNK: 4  CRG: 7 FPW: 9  SKL: 3


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Whirlybird (from "The Rebirth" part 3)