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"I can get you the info you want...before you even know you need it!"

Profile: Windbreaker believes in being as fast as possible in every situation.  In his role as an information gatherer, he uses his super speed to zoom ahead of the impending battle and quickly report back on the terrors yet to come, enabling the Autobots to build a more effective defense. Windbreaker has become so accustomed to working at high speeds that he's impatient with Autobots who can't work as quickly. He frequently interrupts others, finishes their sentences, and carries out tasks just as others were about to get to them—all because he can't understand why they're moving so slowly.

Abilities: Windbreaker has a photographic memory.  He retains every fact, impression, and image to which he is exposed, making his intelligence reports ultra-accurate. In vehicle mode, Windbreaker is one of the fastest Autobots on land, capable of reaching a top speed of 630 mph on the open road. He is equipped with a dual purpose engine/defense module, which fires bursts of super-compressed air, assisting his accelleration, maneuverability and braking ability in vehicle form. The engine unit converts to a handheld air compressor weapon in robot mode, making him nearly unbeatable in a firefight. Short burts from this weapon are capable of knocking most robots off their feet; concentrated blasts can erode holes in titanium armor.

Weaknesses: Windbreaker is simply too fast for his own good; the other Autobots have a tough time keeping up with his frantic pace. Occasionally he fails to make effective use of his compressed air tanks while traveling at high speeds and flips over or crashes as a result.

Windbreaker (Robot and Camaro Modes)

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