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"Show me an Autobot and I'll show you a hole in the ground!"

Profile: Windrazor is a dastardly genius whose ultimate goal is the complete and utter destruction of every Autobot alive. It is this singular objective that drives his existence and every Decepticon under his command. In the wake of Megatron's departure for Earth some four million years ago, Windrazor assembled a new Decepticon army to renew the fight against the Autobots. Windrazor's loathing for them extends even to the ground they walk upon, believing their refusal to fight him in the skies to be an act of cowardice. Windrazor's purpose is a driven one, and he will sacrifice anything at his disposal, including his troops or even himself, to emerge victorious.

Abilities: Windrazor is one of the fastest Decepticon jets ever built, capable of flying at up to 3960 mph.  His undercarriage radar and targeting system enables him to detect Autobots on the ground and initiate a preliminary strike before he's even reached the battlefield. He is also equipped with air-to-ground incendiary missiles, particularly effective in aerial combat. As a robot, his undercarriage sensor converts to a combination ground-to-air missile launcher and laser pistol weapon. In this mode he is a force to be reckoned with, coupling his mechanical strength with an indominable desire to win at all costs.

Weaknesses: While Windrazor himself has no qualms about placing his troops in danger, he doesn't realize that most of them aren't quite as willing to sacrifice themselves for the cause as he is.

Windrazor (Robot and Fighter Jet Modes)

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