"Without science, there can be no warfare."

Profile: Anthrax is a crafty and mysterious robot with an insatiable appetite for knowledge. Immensely curious, she tends to ask questions constantly, but reveals very little to others. A true scientist, she is fascinated by anything new that she encounters, and immediately resolves to learn how it works, even if that means disassembing it. Highly inventive, she usually manages to improve on the design of any device she examines, once she understands the premise behind its operation. She is somewhat more reluctant to experiment on living beings, however, unless it directly furthers the cause of science.

Abilities: Anthrax is a resourceful engineer, specializing in designing and constructing new Decepticons. In Cybertronic jet mode she is highly maneuverable, and can attain speeds of almost 4000 mph, with a maximum range of 3000 miles. She is armed with wing-mounted laser cannons and two air-to-ground, heat-seeking missiles in this form. In robot mode, sophisticated scanners in her optic sensors enable her to determine the molecular composition and chemical properties of most metals. She carries an electro-sword with a self-contained energy supply capable of generating 400,000 volts of electricity. Her agility in this mode gives her the edge during combat.

Weaknesses: Anthrax's tendency to be distracted can make her a vulnerable target. She lacks strength in robot mode, depending primarily on her ability to evade enemy attacks during battle.

Anthrax (Robot and Jet Modes)

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