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"Those creeps—swiping my idea!  I'll sue!"


Kranix Realizes That Maybe Lawyers Really Are Sharks.ZMFTS is an unofficial fan site, and is entirely non-profit.  The site is meant for use as an information guide and/or for entertainment purposes only.  Transformers®, the characters, and/or the distinct likeness thereof are trademarks of Hasbro, Inc.  Screen shots from the cartoon series are the property of Sunbow, Inc., Mianframe Entertianment, and Saban Group.  Transformers comic book images are hte property of Marvle Entertainment.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles®, the characters, and/or the distinct likeness thereof are trademarks of Mirage Studios.  Screen shots from the TMNT cartoon are the property of Murakami Wolf Swenson Inc.  Star Wars® is a trademark of Lucasfilm, Inc.  LEGO is a trademark of the LEGO Group.  Darkwing Duck is a trademark of Disney.  He-Man and the Masters of the Universe is a trademark of Filmation, Inc.  Any other licensed names, characters, and/or institutions mentioned on this site are the trademarks of their respective copyright holders.  Our use of these images is not intended to infringe upon the rights of the copyright holders in any way.The original content found on this site is ©2009 Inspiration Studios.  This includes many cartoon screen shots and comic book scans which I have digitally manipulated to create unique images that fall under the legal definition of a derivative work, and therefore to which I own the copyright.  ZOBOVORS, TALES OF TORLYNN, WOLFGANG, their logos, characters, group names, and/or the distinctive likenesses thereof, the name ZMFTS, its logo designs, and the distinctive design elements of this web site are trademarks of Inspiration Studios.  Fan-created characters are the property of their respective creators and are used with permission.

Design Philosophy

We here at the ZMFTS believe in substance over style.  My first exposure to the bulk of the Transformers web sites out there was on a computer with an extremely slow processor and almost no capacity for heavily image-laden pages, and because of this I avoided pretty much all of them.  Even though I've since replaced that computer with one much better equipped to surf the web, a few of the heavily multimedia-enhanced sites out there still tend to crash my browser.  It is my intent to present the information on this site in the simplest manner possible, which means that while I've occasionally spruced up a text-heavy page with an image or two, the site is completely devoid of frames and JavaScript, and will be for the foreseeable future.  (I admit that a few of the images on the site really are huge, but I always try to offer warnings as to the file sizes, and none of them are required viewing.)

All images used on the site prior to 2005 were in GIF format, because AOLPress did not recognize the JPEG files created with Adobe PhotoDeluxe.  (In order to get JPEG files to show up, I had to import them as GIFs, take note of the width and height, and then import the JPEG and key in those figures.  It was a real hassle to deal with.)  This problem solved itself spontaneously and inexplicably in mid-2005, after which I happily adopted the JPEG format and replaced all the older pictures.

Warning: some Constructicons may experience epileptic seizures from staring at this animation.The ZMFTS is constantly growing, which means that many sections will be perpetually under construction.  At one time, I had extensive plans for the site and planned to eventually cover many other aspects of the Transformers universe, with the understanding that it would take several years for all of these projects to see fruition.  While I once planned to complete every project mentioned on this web page, I have decided to devote my rabid fan energy to other, more fruitful endeavours, so there will come a point where the updates to this site will simply grind to a near complete halt.  There's a saying that art projects are never completed, only abandoned—and that philosophy is very much applicable here.

Site Policy

I don't have any problem with people sharing content or information from this page with other fans.  Also, please feel free to archive images or files on this site for your own personal use.  However, I do not allow direct linking from my images, and I do not allow content from my site to be duplicated on another web site or message board.  Do not duplicate content from this site do not duplicate I'd prefer it if you didn't link directly to my images or upload them to another web site or message board, however.  While it's true that there's a lot of content on the site to which I don't own the rights, I do hold the legal copyright to unique illustrations created by me and I have been known to take action against copyright infringement from time to time.

I have made every effort to secure permission for the content on this site.  In some cases, I have borrowed images without permission because I was unable to find or contact the owner.  Most of them are toy images I've taken from eBay auctions, which I've provided here for the purpose of sharing information that is not archived elsewhere.  If you recognize an image of yours and would like credit for it, please notify me.  If you would prefer your content not be archived on my site, I'll remove it immediately.

Feel free to link to my site from your home page; you don't have to ask me.  (Please note that the official name for the site is now ZMFTS!  I changed it from Zobovor's Multi-Faceted Transformers Site because I had some concerns about using the Hasbro trademark.)  Meanwhile, if I've linked to you but you've changed the URL for your site, your e-mail address, or you don't want me to link to you for whatever reason, I'd appreciate your letting me know.

Submissions to the site are always welcome, but it may take some time before I get a chance to implement them, and I make no guarantees that every submission will be used (I have several projects sitting on the back burner at any given time).

Privacy Policy

ZMFTS doesn't collect any information of any kind on its visitors.  I don't store cookies on your computer and I don't track your IP address.  Isn't that refreshing?  I do keep hit counters running on some of the sub-pages, because I'm sometimes curious to know how many people visit the site after I post updates.  It's a completely blind head-count, though, so I'll never even know you were here unless you specifically take the time to e-mail me and let me know about it.


I am always willing to accept commissioned projects.  Please understand that I am very busy, and simply don't have the time to create projects for free.  I'm even willing to entertain the notion of commissioned kitbashes, but be advised that in some cases I would ask you to provide me with the base figure.  Please don't waste my time asking me to draw or design a character for you unless you can pay me for the work (or at least provide me with something on my want list).


Wolfgang, the ZMFTS MascotAt last count, this site is nearly 100MB in size, consisting of over 1800 individual files.  In fact, the ZMFTS is not so much a single web site as it is several different inter-connected sites.  This helps me to keep the different sub-sections organized, and prevent total site paralysis in the event that a single server temporarily goes down.  Note that some of the content on these servers has expired due to lack of maintenance on the part of the webmaster.  (We are aware that visitors have saved individual pages in their favorite pages that have since expired.)  These are the web servers on which the ZMFTS has been located in the past: (home page and related files [1998-2008]) (family pictures, Attack of Torca, miscellaneous) (cartoon staff interviews) (kitbashes) (The Transformers Dance, the Miscellany page) (sounds page, pop culture references, essays) (Inspiration Studios Home Page, other drawings) (The G1 Television Encyclopedia) (fanfics, cartoon/comics bloopers, episode/comic synopses) (The Transformers Knockoffs Archive

This site was created using AOLPress web publishing software.  The site is currently maintained using a Compaq Presario SR1403WM.  Current digital pictures were taken with a Kodak EasyShare Z740.  Image retouching and manipulation was performed with Adobe PhotoDeluxe.  Sound files were created with Windows Sound Recorder and flanged with CoolEdit.  Screen captures taken using CyberLink Power DVD software.  Line drawings were created with a Pentel mechanical pencil and a Micron Pigma 0.8 technical pen.  This page is best viewed at whatever resolution makes everything show up without jamming into each other.  Page layout and design is intended with multiple screen resolutions in mind.


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