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"Don't worry, Grapple. We all make mistakes."
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I've attempted to analyze several times over the years exactly what it is that I find so fascinating about documenting bloopers, and I've never been able to pinpoint it.  Part of it, naturally, stems from my love of trivia—no sense in restricting that only to what the creators did right, when this page clearly demonstrates there's a plethora of information regarding what they did wrong.  I also do it to set the record straight on some of the details, since the number of inconsistencies within these shows sometimes makes it difficult to tell where the truth ends and the mistakes begin.  (I still can't tell sometimes, honestly.)  More than anything else, though, I do this because I get a kick out of it.

My intent, by the way, is not to tear apart these episodes, but rather to celebrate them.  Nobody is a bigger fan of the Transformers cartoon shows than me, and analyzing the details of the episodes is one of the ways in which I am able to enjoy them.  Sure, I'm perfectly capable of just sitting back, suspending disbelief, and watching the show without picking it to pieces.  I also take great pleasure in discovering new things about these show; this just happens to extend to the mistakes as well.

Documenting a comprehensive list of bloopers for a given episode is rather time-consuming.  It sometimes takes me several days to jot down all the notes, monopolizing the TV and DVD player, and a couple more days to get it all typed up.  Since I wanted to address a bunch more G1 episodes than I'd done so far and also wanted to sink my teeth into other shows as well, I decided to write up mini-bloopers.  They're not nearly as comprehensive, but they do still address all the major gaffes in a given episode.  (I'll go back and finish them as I make my way back through the episodes.)


I get more e-mail about the bloopers section of the ZMFTS than any other part of the site.  If you found a blooper I didn't catch, feel free to write to me about it.  (The Transformers: the Movie really has been done to death, though.  Can we please move on?)  If I agree that it's a valid blooper, I'll add it to the site and credit you for it as soon as it's convenient for me to do so.  It's possible that I won't see it as a blooper at all, though.  Don't take it personally if I disagree; I just have my own ideas of what does and does not constitute a genuine blooper.  Remember that the mini-bloopers are not meant to be a comprehensive list of errors.  Send me submissions for those if you like, but keep in mind that the chances are very good that I already know about that particular blooper, but felt it wasn't significant enough to add right now.

By the way, just because it's possible to justify a blooper with some creative explanation doesn't mean that it shouldn't be listed here.  I mean, just about every mistake can be rationalized away if you try hard enough.  For this reason, I'm not particularly interested in arguments that what I've listed on these pages might not actually be mistakes.  My job is to document this stuff; if you want to justify them in your mind, be my guest.  I'm not looking for No-Prizes, guys.


Bloopers are broken down into six categories and are listed chronologically within each category.  The number after each heading indicates the number of bloopers in that category.  Each blooper falls into one of the following categories:

Plot Oversights and Changed Premises:  Anything having to do with the content of the script itself, including the storyline, information contained in dialogue, etc.
Sound Effects and Dialogue
:  Any blooper relating to the mechanics of the soundtrack, including background music, voice amplification, sound effects, and voice acting.
Animation and Continuity:
 Drawing, coloring, and animating mistakes all fall under this category.
A sub-category focusing on the impossible physics and scenes that could have only come from an animated series that knows it's a cartoon.
My attempts to identify all of the pop culture and TV references from the show.  Many of them are from Wreck-Gar and his happy little band, but not all of them.
Alternate Versions:  This is a catch-all category for episodes in which more than one version exists.  This includes edits that were made when the episodes aired on the Sci-Fi Channel, when they were revamped for Transformers: Generation 2, and changed made when they were released to video or DVD.

I've also included some trivia questions for the die-hard Transformers fan; some of the best lines (and cheesiest lines) from the episodes; and some notes about the episodes themselves that I thought were noteworthy, but not necessarily mistakes.  Pertinent screen shots and .wave files will be included where relevant.  One day, once I've finished the original series, I may consider documenting the bloopers from later shows like Beast Wars, Beast Machines, and Robots in Disguise.  (Don't hold your breath waiting, though.)

EpisodesBloopimus Prime

Season One (1984)

 1.  "More Than Meets the Eye" part 1  (84)
 2.  "More Than Meets the Eye" part 2  (104)
 3.  "More Than Meets the Eye" part 3  (85)
 4.  "Transport to Oblivion"
 5.  "Roll for It"  (115)
 6.  "Divide and Conquer"  
 7.  "Fire in the Sky"  
 8. "S.O.S. Dinobots"
 9.  "Fire on the Mountain"
10.  "War of the Dinobots"  
11.  "The Ultimate Doom" part 1
12.  "The Ultimate Doom" part 2
13.  "The Ultimate Doom" part 3
14.  "Countdown to Extinction"
15.  "A Plague of Insecticons"
16.  "Heavy Metal War"

Season Two (1985)

17.  "Autobot Spike"
18.  "Changing Gears"
19.  "City of Steel"  (134)
20.  "Attack of the Autobots"
21.  "Traitor!"
22.  "The Immobilizer"
23.  "The Autobot Run"
24.  "Atlantis, Arise!"
25.  "Day of the Machines"
26.  "Enter the Nightbird"
27.  "A Prime Problem"  (62)
28.  "The Core"
29.  "The Insecticon Syndrome

30.  "Dinobot Island" part 1
31.  "Dinobot Island" part 2
32.  "The Master Builders"
33.  "Auto Berserk"
34.  "Microbots"
35.  "Megatron's Master Plan" part 1
36.  "Megatron's Master Plan" part 2
37.  "Desertion of the Dinobots" part 1
38.  "Desertion of the Dinobots" part 2
39.  "Blaster Blues"
40.  "A Decepticon Raider in King Arthur's Court"
41.  "The Golden Lagoon"
42.  "The God Gambit"
43.  "Make Tracks"
44.  "Child's Play"
45.  "Quest for Survival"
46.  "The Secret of Omega Supreme"
47.  "The Gambler"
48.  "Kremzeek!"
49.  "Sea Change"
50.  "Triple Takeover"
51.  "Prime Target"
52.  "Auto-Bop"
53.  "The Search for Alpha Trion"
54.  "The Girl Who Loved Powerglide"
55.  "Hoist Goes Hollywood"
56.  "The Key to Vector Sigma" part 1
57.  "The Key to Vector Sigma" part 2
58.  "Aerial Assault"
59.  "War Dawn"
60.  "Trans-Europe Express"
61.  "Cosmic Rust"
62.  "Starscream's Brigade"
63.  "The Revenge of Bruticus"
64.  "Masquerade"
65.  "B.O.T."

The Transformers: the Movie (273)

Season Three (1986-87)

66.  "Five Faces of Darkness" part 1  (109)
67.  "Five Faces of Darkness" part 2  (58)
68.  "Five Faces of Darkness" part 3  (75)
69.  "Five Faces of Darkness" part 4  (74)
70.  "Five Faces of Darkness" part 5  (91)
71.  "The Killing Jar"
72.  "Chaos"
73.  "Dark Awakening"
74.  "Forever is a Long Time Coming"  (26+)
75.  "Starscream's Ghost"  (25)
76.  "Thief in the Night"  (16+)
77.  "Surprise Party"  (20)
78.  "Madman's Paradise"  (20+)
79.  "Nightmare Planet"  (27+)
80.  "Ghost in the Machine" (50)
81.  "Webworld"
82.  "Carnage in C-Minor"  (90)
83.  "The Big Broadcast of 2006"
84.  "The Quintesson Journal"
85.  "The Ultimate Weapon"
86.  "Fight or Flee"
87.  "The Dweller in the Depths"  (39)
88.  "Only Human"  (54)
89.  "Money is Everything"  (42)
90.  "Grimlock's New Brain"  (64)
91.  "Call of the Primitives"  (49)
92.  "The Face of the Nijika"  (39)
93.  "The Burden Hardest to Bear"  (58)
94.  "The Return of Optimus Prime" part 1  (108)
95.  "The Return of Optimus Prime" part 2  (99)

Season Four (1987)

66.  "The Rebirth" part 1 (102)
67.  "The Rebirth" part 2 (79)
68.  "The Rebirth" part 3 (104)


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