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"Five Faces of Darkness" part 1

Transformers Future Episode #66

Written by Flint Dille

"This planet is quarantined.  Nobody comes, nobody goes, until we find Kup, Spike, and Magnus."

 Following the loss of Galvatron (see The Transformers: the Movie), the Decepticons have relocated to a barren planet called Chaar.  Directionless, they fight over the few scraps of energon they can find.  Cyclonus resolves to take "desperate measures," taking  a small Decepticon team to the head of Unicron.  Using the images from Unicron's data banks of Galvatron's last appearance, Cyclonus determines that he must have landed on a distant planet, Thraal.  Scourge confirms this with his long-range tracking abilities.

 Meanwhile, the Autobots are the opening spokesmen for the first Galactic Olympics.  Shortly after the beginning of the games, however, a strange alien known as a Scuxxoid creates a smokescreen, disrupting the Olympics.  Mysterious attackers arrive and capture Spike Witwicky, Kup, and Ultra Magnus.  The Autobots attempt a counterattack, but by the time they clear the smoke, the attackers have retreated.  Once the Scuxxoid's ship departs, Springer and Arcee immediately pursue him, despite Rodimus Prime's orders of a planetary quarantine.

 Also, on Cybertron, Perceptor sends Blurr and Wheelie to deliver a new transformation cog to Autobot City; it s old one was was destroyed during Megatron's attack on the city.  

 Elsewhere, in the African nation of Carbombya, Blaster and Outback are serving as representatives of Earth Defense Command (EDC), Earth's defense program.  They are searching for Decepticons secreted in the country, but its ruler, Abdul Fakkadi, flagrantly denies it.  With a little help from Outback's faux "Decepticon detector," Dirge and Ramjet are flushed out, and are interrogated to reveal the location of Chaar.

 Springer and Arcee chase the Scuxxoid behind an asteroid, which turns out to be a larger ship.  The rockaroid destroys Springer and Arcee's ship; the Autobots escape and land on the surface of the asteroid ship.  They locate the Scuxxoid, who puts on a somewhat convincing show that blames the Decepticons for the kidnappings.  He escapes aboard a small life pod, alerting his employers--the Quintessons.

 Back on Cybertron, Rodimus and Perceptor are examining the remains of one of the mystery attackers; it seems familiar to Rodimus, but he can't quite place it.  Determined to learn the truth, he travels to Chaar to discover whether the Decepticons were the abductors--taking along Grimlock as back-up.

 On Chaar, Cyclonus is rallying the Decepticons for the cause of Galvatron.  Preaching like an evangelist, he convinces his brethern to donate enough energon to make the trip to Thraal.  Just then, Grimlock tips his hand, revealing his and Rodimus Prime's location at the top of a nearby ledge.  The Decepticons attack, sending the two Autobots tumbling below to the mob of angry Decepticons...

First Appearances:  Outback; Abdul Fakkadi.  Technically, Octane and Tantrum first show up in the background on Chaar in this episode, although they aren't "officially" introduced until later.