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"Ghost in the Machine" Mini-Bloopers

"Why did Galvatron have you attack Cybertron all by yourself?  Are you stupid, or just obedient?"

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Starscream returns to make trouble for the Decepticons (see "Starscream's Ghost"), attacking Galvatron after possessing Scourge, and then forcing Scourge to help him reactivate the head of Unicron.  Starscream strikes a bargain with him to get a new body, but in exchange Unicron has him perform three labors.  The first is to steal Metroplex's eyes so that Unicron can see again.  The next is to capture Trypticon and install his transforming cog within Unicron.  The final task is to connect Unicron's head to Cybertron to give him a new body.  Scourge doesn't think much of this last idea, and flees to find Galvatron and explains the situation.  When the Decepticons within Trypticon disrupt Starscream's control of Trypticon, Unicron has to give Starscream his body before he can connect Unicron's head to the planet.  Once he's gotten what he wants, though, Starscream refuses to help any further.  Just then, the Autobots blast Unicron, along with Starscream, back into space.

Trivia Questions:

  1. Which two Autobots have brief cameos in this episode?
  2. What device did Scourge use to disable Metroplex?


Plot Oversights:

Dialogue and Sound Effects:

Animation and Continuity:


Trivia Answers:

  1. Arcee and Wheelie.
  2. A photon charge.

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