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"Starscream's Ghost" Mini-Bloopers

Plot Oversights

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Animation and Continuity

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Octane's busy hauling scrap for the Junkions, but after the Skuxxoid plants an explosive in the refuse, Octane realizes the Decepticons are still after him following the events in Carbombya (see "Thief in the Night").  He goes to Earth and seeks out his buddy Sandstorm to get protection from the Autobots, but the assassination attempts continue, even after Octane relocates to Cybertron.  Cyclonus and the Sweeps sneak past the planet's security and pursue Octane into the old Decepticon crypt. He encounters the ghost of Starscream, who offers to help Octane out if he helps Starscream get revenge on Galvatron.  Starscream possesses Cyclonus and pretends to capture and interrogate Octane; Galvatron expects to find Rodimus Prime alone on an asteroid, but it's a trap set by Octane and the Autobots, and there are plenty of Autobot troops waiting for him.  Galvatron survives the encounter and returns to Chaar to find Octane and Cyclonus celebrating his defeat.  Starscream reveals his true self, and Galvatron attempts an excision by blasting Cyclonus.  What Galvatron doesn't know is that Starscream's still around...

Great Lines:

CYCLONUS:  He must be hiding in the crypt.
SCOURGE:  Good... then we won't have to take him anywhere when we're done.

Trivia Questions:

  1. What was the order number that Sandstorm and Octane were assigned?
  2. What did that alien think of the Skuxxoid's gun after he ate it?


Plot Oversights:

Dialogue and Sound Effects:

Animation and Continuity:


Trivia Answers:

  1. #31.
  2. He said it was a little heavy on the photons.

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