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"Money is Everything"

Transformers Classic/Future Episode #89

Written by Carla and Gerry Conway

"I'm a trader, Faireborn.  Pay my fee, and I'll lead you to their nest."

When Earth Defense Command detects a Terrorcon attacking a trader ship near Earth space, it dispatches Marissa Faireborn and two of the Technobots to investigate.  When Scattershot and Strafe are brought down, the other three Technobots arrive from Autobot City and drive off Hun-Grrr.  The trader, named Dirk Manus, explains that the Quintessons sent Hun-Grrr to kill him after he discovered a hidden base on Saturn's moon, Titan.  After considering the situation in Computron mode, the Technobots agree to pay Manus' fee if he will show them where the Quintesson base is.

That night, Marissa stumbles upon Manus engaged in a clandestine communique with the Quintessons, who is in reality preparing to sell them a device called the recreator.  Manus ties up Marissa and strands her on Earth while three of the Technobots accompany him to Titan.  Afterburner and Nosecone soon discover Marissa and leave for Titan as well.

On the way there, Dirk and the Technobots are ambushed by Abominus, who guns down Scattershot, Strafe, and Lightspeed.  Only the timer mechanism designed to separate Abominus back into the Terrorcons prevents Abominus from shooting down Manus' ship as well.  Manus turns over the recreator, a molecular disassembler that also serves as a healing device.  He departs, only to discover that the Quintessons have paid him with "mimic dust" instead of genuine currency.  When he tries to activate a bomb he planted on the recreator, a bomb on his ship detonates instead and he crashes on Titan, and is quickly discovered by three very upset Technobots.  After Nosecone and Afterburner, with Marissa, arrive and help fend off a Sharkticon attack, the Technobots are about to strand Manus on Titan when he explains that the Quintessons have the recreator.  Reluctantly, they agree to follow him to the Quintesson base.  During the journey, he grabs Marissa's gun and leads them to the Quintessons as his prisoners.

After he has delivered the Technobots to the Quintessons, Manus uses the recreator to disassemble them, molecule by molecule.  Marissa believes he has betrayed her, but when the Quintessons aren't looking, he reassembles them, now in perfect condition.  Computron drives the Quintessons and Terrorcons off of Titan, and Dirk Manus escapes with the credits the Quintessons had left behind on Titan--which turns out to be more mimic dust.

First Appearances:  The Technobots (Scattershot, Lightspeed, Strafe, Afterburner, and Nosecone) and Terrorcons (Hun-Grrr, Blot, Rippersnapper, Sinnertwin, and Cutthroat).  This episode aired before "Grimlock's New Brain," in which the Technobots were created.