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"More than Meets the Eye" part 2

Transformers Classic Episode #2

Written by George Arthur Bloom

"There's enough explosive in here to bury them forever!"

 The Autobots save the humans from the burning oil rig left in the wake of the Decepticons' first attack (see part 1).  They befriend two workers, a father and son named Sparkplug and Spike.  They agree to help the Autobots, who admittedly know very little about Earth.

 Hound offers to take Spike for a ride through the desert, and tells him a little about Cybertron.  Meanwhile, Soundwave and Ravage infiltrate the Autobot ship, now serving as Autobot Headquarters.  Ravage enters the computer Teletran I and gathers information about Earth's power sources.  When Spike returns and spots Soundwave, however, he hits the alarm button, and Soundwave flees.  Ravage tries to follow but is captured by the Autobots.

 Using the information from Teletran I, the Decepticons set their sights on Sherman Dam, a hydroelectric power plant.  Rumble goes underwater and uses his pile driver arms to create a tidal wave large enough to boost the dam's power output ten times.  The Decepticons collect the resultant energy, storing it in energon cubes.

 Meanwhile, the Autobots detect the power fluctuation and leave for the dam.  While Optimus leads the charge against Megatron, Hound goes underwater and tries to drive Rumble away.  Rumble traps Hound beneath a boulder and flees; Spike manages to save Hound, but nearly drowns in the process.

 Back at the Decepticons' base of operations, Starscream uses up a few of the energon cubes to test them.  Megatron is outraged, but Soundwave suggests they seize some rocket fuel, in addition to their planned assault on the ruby crystal mines in Burma.  Nearby, Trailbreaker, Sparkplug and Spike are monitoring this conversation, and alert Prime.

 Arriving at the crystal mines, the Autobots find the Decepticons have already taken them over.  They make plans to trap the Decepticons inside.  Bumblebee, the smallest Autobot, and Sparkplug, who's worked there before, offer to enter the mines and plant an explosive, supplied by Wheeljack.  Unfortunately, the Decepticons find them.  After they fail to return, Optimus drives up the mountain to the mine entrance and sends one of his components, Roller, inside to find them.  Just them the bomb explodes, and Optimus is sent tumbling down the mountainside...

First Appearances:  Gears; Roller.

Transfacts:  Several more Decepticon jets, Reflector robots, and robot cassettes in assorted colors appear in this episode, apparently added as "extras" to bolster the Decepticon forces.