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"The Rebirth" part 1

Transformers Future Episode #96

Written by David Wise

"Human partners, Highbrow!  The problem is where they would inhabit us when we're in robot form..."

 Following the wake of the hate plague epidemic (see "The Return of Optimus Prime"), life has been peaceful for the Autobots; Optimus Prime is back, and the Decepticons haven't been seen for months.  That all changes when Galvatron launches a massive assault on Autobot City, whose purpose is to steal the key to the plasma energy chamber.  The chamber was the forge in which the original Autobots' bodies were created, and its energies prove lethal to robots.  After the Decepticon clones, Pounce and Wingspan, capture the key, the Decepticons travel to Cybertron to activate the chamber.  

 From Earth, Optimus warns Kup and the other Autobots on Cybertron not to let Galvatron open the chamber. The Autobots, along with Spike and Daniel, take a shuttle to the chamber.  Scourge has already made it there and has activated the chamber, causing him to overload.  Spike and an Autobot named Cerebros manage to shut down the chamber, but when they go back to their ship, a blast of plasma energy hits the shuttle, sending them hurtling through space.  Galvatron sends a team to follow them and retrieve the key.

 Millions of miles away, they crash on the planet Nebulos.  They are captured by Nebulon rebels, who fear that they may be controlled by the evil rulers of the planet, the Hive.  The Hive use machinery to keep the populace in line, and the few rebels in hiding have developed a healthy distrust of all machines.  After the Decepticons arrive, however, the Nebulons are forced to release the Autobots so they can drive them off.  During the fight, Daniel is badly injured.  The Decepticons retreat, but not before capturing six of the Autobots who were injured in the battle. 

 Brainstorm had been working on a theory that the Autobots would function better with the benefit of human partners, but there was no place for the humans to inhabit the Autobots in robot mode.  With their numbers depleted and Daniel close to death, Spike has a new plan to incorporate the Nebulon rebels and the Autobots into a new life form.  Cerebros won't have any part of this, and wanders off.  The five remaining Autobots remove their heads...

First Appearances:  Most of the characters who would later become Headmasters and Targetmasters, and a few more:  Brainstorm; Cerebros; Chromedome; Crosshairs; Hardhead; Highbrow; Pointblank; Punch/Counterpunch; Rollbar; Sureshot; Apeface; Mindwipe; Misfire; Pounce; Sixshot; Skullcruncher; Slugslinger; Snapdragon; Triggerhappy; Weirdwolf; Wingspan; Arcana; Duros; Firebolt; Gort; Haywire; Peacemaker; Pinpointer; Recoil; Spoilsport.