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"The Rebirth" part 3

Transformers Future Episode #98

Written By David Wise

"Vector Sigma promised... a miracle..."

 The gigantic Scorponok quickly overwhelms the Autobots and captures Arcee, who has the plasma energy key.  It transforms to city mode and flies off, heading for Cybertron.

 The Autobots scramble aboard Prime's ship to try to make it to Cybertron before Galvatron opens the plasma energy chamber.  Spike, however, wants to stay behind on Nebulos and somehow use Cerebros to save Danny from the Decepticons.  Optimus Prime is reluctant to leave him, but agrees.

 Back on Cybertron, Galvatron has beaten most of the Autobots, but Ultra Magnus leads a strike force to take him down.  Once Scorponok and its passengers arrive, the Autobots are quickly defeated.  Galvatron is far from grateful; he's enraged and disgusted that the Decepticons have united with "filthy organic beings."  After Zarak explains that he's got the key in his possession, Galvatron settles down. Meanwhile, the Combaticons have constructed a giant rocket engine designed to move Cybertron close to the Earth...

 Just as Optimus has another vision, warning him of the importance of the key, the Autobots arrive at where Cybertron should be.  Galvatron has already moved it; they head for Earth.  Meanwhile, Zarak's minions threaten Danny until Arcee gives in and hands over the key.  Galvatron plans to open the plasma energy chamber once Cybertron is in Earth orbit.

 Back on Nebulos, Spike has repaired Cerebros, and gets Cerebros to take him to the lost city of the Hive (see part 2).  Spike determines how to operate the Hive machines using the city's manual controls, and endeavours to rebuild the city...

 On Cybertron, Optimus discovers the dying Ultra Magnus and learns of Galvatron's plan.  Gort and the Nebulons insist that the key should be destroyed, but Optimus is adamant that it be kept safe.  Worried for the safety of Nebulos, the Nebulons flee and head for Scorponok, with the Autobots in hot pursuit.

 Once the Autobots arrive, they are ensnared by the Decepticons.  Just then Fortress Maximus appears, with Spike and a reluctant Cerebros at the helm.  After Fortress Maximus defeats Scorponok, Cerebros--with Spike as his Headmaster partner--frees the Autobots, then searches for Danny, whom he also releases.

 By this time, Galvatron has set the plasma energy chamber to open on a time delay.  He and the Decepticons escape aboard Scorponok, but a plasma energy bolt strikes Scorponok, sending it hurtling into space.  Meanwhile, the Autobots on Cybertron are dying from the plasma energy exposure, and the Sun is about to go nova.  Acting out of desperation, Spike and the Nebulons reverse-engineer the giant rocket engine to draw the excess solar energy into Vector Sigma.  Not only does that save the Sun, but the energy revitalizes Cybertron, bringing about a second Golden Age.  

 With the Decepticons defeated, Cerebros retires to live in peace on Nebulos.  Millions of miles away, on board Scorponok, Galvatron is still convinced it is his destiny to rule the galaxy, but Zarak only says, "We shall see, Galvatron.  We shall see..."

First Appearances:  Fortress Maximus.