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"The Return of Optimus Prime" part 2

Transformers Future Episode #95

Story by Cherie Wilkerson and Marv Wolfman

Teleplay by Michael Charles Hill

"If there is a cure... I know nothing of it."

 Optimus Prime has been successfully revived, thanks to Sky Lynx and the Quintesson (see part 1).  After Sky Lynx brings him up to date on current events, they recover the Autobots who were injured by Superion when he was infected with the hate plague.  The Quintesson repairs them; Bumblebee even gets a new paint job, and is renamed Goldbug.

 The only problem that remains is that Optimus has no plan to cure the plague; without the Matrix in his possession, he lacks the wisdom of the Autobot leaders from the past.  Recovering the Matrix from Rodimus Prime would prove impossible, since he is also infected with the plague.  The only answer seems to lie in Galvatron, who holds the experimental alloy developed by Gregory Swafford and Jessica Morgan.  Jessica suggests that the metal may protect Prime from the plague, and accompanies the Autobots to Chaar.

 On the Decepticons' home world, the Decepticon army is after Galvatron, who has managed to avoid them thus far.  When Optimus Prime arrives, Galvatron is surprised to say the least, but agrees to join forces against the berserking Decepticons.  Once they run out of energy and retreat, Optimus explains in rather cryptic terms that he needs the alloy to cure the plague. Galvatron agrees to lead the Autobots to it, but the Autobots are suspicious.

 After braving a long and difficult trek, including an encounter with an indigenous spider monster, being attacked by energy leeches, and losing most of the remaining Autobots to the plague, they arrive at the holding area where Galvatron has stored the alloy.  After Jessica accidentally reveals Prime's plan to coat himself, Galvatron tries to turn on the Autobots, but Sky Lynx knocks Galvatron's cannon off his arm, and they begin to load the alloy into Prime's trailer.

 Cyclonus arrives and infects Jessica, who in turn infects Galvatron.  Sky Lynx and Optimus barely escape and return to Autobot City.  The Quintesson coats Prime's body with the metal, and Prime searches for Rodimus Prime.  He discovers Rodimus in a junkyard, at first trying to reason with him.  Rodimus responds with an attack, and Optimus battles him, finally defeating him and reclaiming the Matrix.

 Back at the city, Prime enters the Matrix and travels back to one of the earliest Autobot leaders, who reveals that the spores were contained and sent into the sun long ago.  Wisdom is the only way to fight the plague, but no one being is wise enough to cure the entire galaxy.  Prime has a new plan, though:  He empties the accumulated wisdom from the Matrix, which spreads throughout the galaxy and ends the plague.

 Dr. Morgan and Swafford apologize for their actions; even Galvatron calls a temporary truce.  The Matrix is empty, but the plague has been eradicated, and Prime leads the Autobots once more.