"A quick fix always does the trick."

Blow-Out serves as the Autobots' on-the-spot technician, able to quickly mend all but the most severe damages incurred by his fellow Autobots during battle. His repairs are perfunctory at best, intended to serve only as a temporary measure during missions on the field until more thorough administrations can be made by a skilled medic. Blow-Out is impatient by nature, overconfident about his abilities, and tends to make slipshod, hasty repairs. Needless to say, the other Autobots tend to avoid his care whenever possible. "I'll take my chances," notes Ladybug.

Abilities: The tips of Blow-Out's primary digital units can be replaced with a variety of tools, including a blowtorch, laser welder, and electronic cutting beam. These tools lack the fine precision of a surgeon's blade, but are adequate in most situations requiring expedient work. In car mode, Blow-Out is equipped with short-range turbo boosters mounted under his rear bumper which propel him short distances through the air. He can jump cliffs that are up to a quarter of a mile apart from each other.

Weaknesses: Blow-Out's carelessness is his own worst enemy. Not only do most of the other Autobots try to avoid him, but his sloppy work negatively affects the Autobots he does repair.

Blow-Out (Robot and Vehicle Modes)

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