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"Marvelous!  I have written a brilliant scenario of Autobot destruction!"

Below are links to the stories and character profiles I've written that are based within the Transformers mythos.  Pretty much everything I've written up to this point is meant to fit within the existing framework of the various cartoon series in some fashion, and most of my stories all take place in the same universe as each other.  Fanfic titles below without active links represent placeholders for story concepts that I may or may not get around to actually writing one day.  I've broken the stories down according to when they fit into the chronology, if applicable.  (The date following the synopsis is when the story was written.)

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Transformers Universe: Revisited (Issue #1, April, 2012)
Transformers Universe: Revisited
(Issue #2, March, 2013)
Transformers Universe: Revisited
(Issue #3, February, 2014) NEW!
A collection of profiles and illustrations based on the generic, previously-unnamed background characters of the Transformers mythos, appearing in the Sunbow cartoon series, the pages of Marvel Comics, and other sources.  Each "issue" of the virtual comic book contains its own unique characters!
"Don't Touch That Dial!" (9,000,000 B.C.)
The crew of an Autobot escape ship, fleeing the war breaking out on Cybertron, is destined to evolve into a most unique colony.  (August, 1998).
"Roles" (4,000,000 B.C.; vignette)
While Megatron assaults the Ark, the engineering crew of the Decepticon starship Nemesis takes a different path.  Starring the Deluxe Insecticons.  (May, 2010).  
"Bugs" (1983 A.D., six months prior to "More Than Meets the Eye" part 1).
A small Autobot scout patrol is dispatched to discovered what happened to the Ark and its crew, but they are faced with far more immediate problems than a missing ship.  (August, 2004).

Wage Their Battle" (1984; alternate universe story)
An outer space battle between the heroic Autobots and evil Decepticons results in their crews crashing and awakening on a small blue-green planet called Earth.  (Incomplete).
"'Twas the Fight Before Christmas" (December 24th, 1984; satire).
Not even the chill of the holiday season will stop Megatron from launching an attack on Autobot Headquarters.  (December 2007).

"Shadows of the Night" (1985 A.D.; following the events of "More Than Meets the Eye" part 3).
Many Decepticon troops were destroyed when their second space cruiser crashed into the ocean, but at least one of their number remains unaccounted for.  (August, 2003).

"A Thing of the Past" (1985 A.D., following events in "Heavy Metal War" and "The Master Builders").
Scrapper and his Constructicons are thrown backwards in time, playing out their very special role in the history of Cybertron.  (March 1999; voted Best Fanfic Story of the Year in the 1999 Trannies fan awards).
"Mission to the Bottom of the Sea" (1985 A.D., following events in "Quest for Survival" and during "The Secret of Omega Supreme")
Sideswipe goes undercover at Decepticon Headquarters, but will it be worth the risk?  (June, 2013). NEW!

"Eyes" (1986; vignette)
Why won't people stop staring at Breakdown?  (May, 2010).
"A Special Touch" (1999; during the events of "Children of Cybertron" Book Two).
Carly is drawn toward Hound for reasons she doesn't understand.  Is he the Autobot she's been waiting for?  (August, 2001).

"How the Decepticons Stole Christmas" (December 24th, 2003; satire)
Megatron has tried for 20 years to defeat the Autobots on Earth, but this may be his most diabolical plan yet!  (December, 2007).
"Memories" (2006; vignette)
One of the original members of the Ark's crew goes forgotten.  (June, 2010).

"Army of the Undead" (2006 A.D., inbetween "Webworld" and "Carnage in C-Minor").
One of the bravest and toughest Autobots in history is gunned down in battle—but that's only the beginning of his ordeal.  (January, 1999).

"Trauma" (2006 A.D., during the events of "Only Human")
No longer an Autobot but not quite human, Arcee attempts to come to terms with the nature of her new existence.  (October, 1999; Bobbi Carothers wrote a sequel to this story in October 2000 called "Flesh and Blood").
"Cooperation" (2007; vignette)
A pair of Decepticons chase down the Autobot Clones, but will they ever be able to work together?  (May, 2010).
"Spies Like Us" (2007; script format)
Two Autobot Headmasters grow mistrustful of Punch, so when he goes undercover as Counterpunch, they follow him to learn his true intentions.  Written for the Transformers: Virtual Season 4 project.  (December, 2011).
"Moods" (2008; vignette)
A look at Quickswitch's feelings about the Decepticons.  (May, 2010).
"Nicknames" (2009; vignette)
Not all Autobot Micromasters play by the rules.  (May, 2010).
"Words" (2010; vignette)
Being the partner to an Action Master isn't all it's cracked up to be, particularly when that Action Master is Shockwave. (May, 2010).
"What They Don't Tell You" (2057, approximately)
What happens when a long-lived Targetmaster partneship goes sour.  (January, 2013).

Autobot Symbol (Generation 2)Transformers: Generation 2Decepticon Symbol (Generation 2)

Transformers Universe: Generation 2  
A collection of 36 profiles and illustrations based on the new characters introduced in the Transformers: Generation 2 toy line, designed in the style of the original TRANSFORMERS UNIVERSE by Marvel Comics.  (November, 2002).

The "Children of Cybertron" series is an ongoing, twelve-part epic featuring the characters from Transformers: Generation 2, set in the year 1999 and documenting the adventures that take place during the 20-year gap in history after the second season of the G1 cartoon series and leading up to the events of The Transformers: the Movie.

"Children of Cybertron" Prologue
Millions of years after the departure of the Ark, Cybertron has become a very different place indeed.  (August, 2000).

"Children of Cybertron" Book One
In the dawn of the new millenium, the Decepticons are on the verge of losing the war on Earth.  Why is Megatron refusing to accept help from other worlds in order to achieve victory?  (August, 2000).

"Children of Cybertron" Book Two
The repercussions of events on Cybertron continue to adversely affect the Autobots on Earth.  Meanwhile, the Decepticons join forces with a new ally named Anthrax, but can she be fully trusted?  (March, 2001).

"Children of Cybertron" Book Three
Why is Anthrax so insistent that Megatron appear before the Cybertron Council?  Why doesn't Smokescreen want to be rescued from the Decepticons?  What happened to Optimus Prime when the space bridge was destroyed?  (February, 2002).

"Children of Cybertron" Book Four
What will the Autobots do without Optimus Prime to guide them?  Who is this new warrior staking a claim on leadership of the Decepticons?  What will become of Megatron if he is found guilty for his crimes against Earth and Cybertron?  (February, 2003).

"Children of Cybertron" Book Five
Windrazor's campaign on Earth leads to the recovery of his missing warrior and his deadly secret.  Meanwhile, Sideswipe searches for clues to the mysteries on Cybertron, but how far is he willing to go in order to get them?  (October, 2004).

"Children of Cybertron" Book Six
Will the Decepticons succeed in extracting secrets from the mind of their recovered warrior?  How long will the Autobots tolerate Optimus Prime's new replacement before they declare mutiny?  (January, 2008).

"Children of Cybertron: Exile" (2006, following the events of The Transformers: the Movie).
In the aftermath of Unicron's attack on Cybertron, the Autobots are adjusting to the loss of Optimus Prime, but not everyone has confidence in their new leader.  Meanwhile, the Decepticon Empire is in ruins, but to what lengths will Cyclonus go to avenge the loss of Galvatron?  (July, 2007; written as an exclusive for CybCon 2007).

Maximal SymbolBeast WarsPredacon Symbol

"Re-Life" (Beast Wars season one, prior to "Before the Storm")
Retrax turns out to be not quite the new reinforcement the Predacons were hoping for.  Told, in part, from Retrax's own special point of view.  (June, 1999).

"The Gift" (Beast Wars season two, immediately following "Aftermath")
Terrorsaur manages to survive certain death, but his new plans span far beyond mere leadership of the Predacons.  (August, 1998).

"Dinobot vs. Worf" (Beast Wars season two, some time before "Code of Hero"; satire)
They've both got honor pouring out their ears and expertise in long, sharp, pointy weapons, but who would win if they duked it out?  (April, 2000).

Maximal Symbol (Beast Machines) Beast MachinesVehicon Symbol

"Bombastic" (time unknown)
In the aftermath of the Beast Wars, one of the last Autobots left faces a fate worse than death.  (November, 1999).

Autobot Symbol (Robots in Disguise)Robots in DisguisePredacon Symbol (Robots in Disguise)

"Second Best" (during "Ultra Magnus: Forced Fusion")
After a lifetime of living in the shadow of the Autobot leader, Ultra Magnus is finally ready to stake his claim.  (October, 2001).

"Inclement Weather" (some time after "The Final Battle")
In a universe of perpetual change, Skyfire must learn to evolve and adapt along with it.  (August, 2002).

Autbot Symbol (Armada)ArmadaDecepticon Symbol (Armada)

"More Important Things" (at some point after "Transformers: First Encounter")
Minicons sure do make life easy for Alexis, Rad and Carlos, but what happens when the "smart tools" begin to realize they're being used?  (September, 2002).

Transformers (Movie)

Transformers 3 (conjectural sequel to Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen)
A collaborative, not-entirely-serious effort at writing a sequel that fits within the framework of the live-action movie universe.  Other authors include Gustavo Wombat, Uriel Ventris, and TigerMegatron.  (September, 2009).


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