"Lady luck is no substute for skill and training."

Profile:  A student of entomology, Ladybug came to Earth and began a study of the Insecticon infestation on that world and their effects on its natural resources. She is bright, full of ideas, and deeply contemplative. She is also very serious-minded, and tends to become irritated easily, particularly with some of the more light-hearted Autobots who don't take their work as seriously as she does. Hers is an all-consuming passion, and she typically devotes every fiber of her being towards focusing on whatever her current project might be. Unfortunately, sometimes she's so intent on focusing on the details of her work that she completely misses the big picture. On more than one occasion, she's been so busy analyzing the blast marks present at an attack site that she's remained oblivious to a new wave of approaching Decepticons before it was almost too late.

Abilities:  Ladybug is graced with remarkably good fortune. While she remains at a loss to offer a scientific explanation for this phenomenon, the fact remains that she has demonstrated on countless occasions a propensity for good fortune that far outweighs statistical odds. She has come to believe that serendipity is one of the primary contributors to the survival of the Autobot race. In robot mode, the lenses in her optic sensors can extend to conduct a microscopic analysis. They have a magnification capability of up to 14,000 times.

Weaknesses:  Ladybug has an unusually poor resistance to cold temperatures. Such conditions have been known to cause damage to her circuitry, or in extreme conditions, can leave her incapacitated and inoperative.

Ladybug (Robot and Vehicle Modes)

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