'Twas the Fight Before Christmas

(with apologies to Clement Clarke Moore)

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the Ark
The doors were wide open, but the lights were all dark.
Two Autobot guards (one in front, one in back)
Were posted in case of a nighttime attack.
The rest of the team were recharging, you see,
Dreaming sweet dreams about gals like Arcee.
And Optimus Prime was the last to shut down,
Placing his faith in Cliffjumper and Hound.
When up in the night sky, a laser bolt rang
And knocked Cliffjumper to the ground with a bang.
Around to the front of the base Hound now dashed,
Kicking up dirt as he tore up the path.
The desert was dry; there had been little snow
Except for a whitecap atop the volcano.
It was then Hound detected, with senses so keen,
A miniature gun and eight warrior machines.
The weapon was fired, and hit Hound dead-on!
He knew in an instant it was Megatron.
More deadly than scraplets, the Decepticons came
And Megatron shouted, calling each one by name.
"Now, Starscream!  Now, Rumble!  Thundercracker and Soundwave!
Now, Ravage!  Now, Frenzy!  Now, Skywarp and Shockwave!
To the top of the Autobot base you must crawl!
Destroy them!  Destroy them!  Yes, destroy them all!"
The Decepticons cried a victorious cry;
They transformed, ascended, and ventured inside.
Into the great craft the Decepticons flew:
A ship full of secrets, and the Autobots, too.
But once they attacked the great ship called the Ark,
They came upon something that gave them a start.
With rifle in hand, he slowly turned 'round,
And down the hall came Optimus Prime with a bound.
He was clad red and blue, from boots to helmet,
Though his armor was tarnished from battles well-met.
Some extra equipment he wore on his back
Suggesting he'd borrowed Sideswipe's rocket pack.
His optics were blue, like most Autobots,
And they glowed with the fires of souls long forgot.
The badge on his shoulder was brilliant red
Quite unlike the purple the 'Cons wore instead.
His mouth was covered in a steel battle mask,
The better to deal with his dangerous task.
Twin shining windows adorned his great breast,
With the Matrix of Leadership snug in his chest.
He had a broad stance, and his huge armored fists
Could demolish his foes, and rarely he missed.
One a one-to-ten scale, his Strength was a twelve
And the Decepticons cowered, in spite of themselves.
He spoke not a word, but instead returned fire
And put holes in the enemy, exposing their wires.
Teletraan helped, protecting its home
By cov'ring the 'Cons with a retardant foam.
More Autobots came: Cliffjumper and Hound
And they were surrounded, the enemy found.
Megatron fled, his team close behind,
His mind crafting new and much better designs.
But he was heard to exclaim, amid the clatter of feet,
"I'll be avenged!  But for now, we retreat!"



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