"Don't Touch that Dial!"

Astro-Year 3,000,297, Division 6, Day 1

I can't believe we made it out alive. The ship's a little worse for wear, but we can stop to make repairs as soon as we leave Cybertron space. Cybertron... Our home...

I hate to leave--I don't even know if we'll get to where we're going--but it's either that or stay and fight a war we're destined to lose. Those military aberrations that call themselves Decepticons--they'd sooner tear our world apart than live with us in peace. I can't believe how power-hungry they've become the last few astro-years. I guess this day was always coming; I was just too blind to see it until it was nearly too late.


Sorry about that last log; leaving home was very depressing for me. As this group's commander, it's up to me to keep morale up, though, so I've decided to keep a more positive outlook for now. After all, all twelve of us did make it out alive. Tech is already fast at work repairing Scan and Shine, who were both injured in the escape. Next, she says, she can get the hyperdrive working again. She's never steered me wrong before.

It only took half an astro-hour before Cybertron disappeared from the viewscreen yesterday. Would you believe I'm already starting to forget what it looks like? Nonsense, of course. Maybe I'm just getting homesick already.

Day 4

Quest has located a planet he thinks might be suitable for temporary repairs. It's in sector 54, and looks like the "lost colony"--Cybertron's sister planet. I've got Backstory doing some research on it now; it's a long shot, but if this is the lost colony, we're in for an unscheduled holiday.

Day 5

It seems this planet--the ancients called it Mechatron--was Cybertron's predecessor. Backstory believes it was abandoned when it became obsolete. We'll be coming up on it in two days.

Tech's got the main engines back up and running, but the hyperdrive is going to require more extensive repairs. Serves us right for lifting off in this Decepticon piece of junk.

Day 7

Mechatron is beautiful! It has all the glory Cybertron once did during the Golden Age--obviously, this world hasn't been ravaged by a centuries-old war. Granted, it's not as modernized, but for now, it's our home.

Home. Funny, how that word doesn't affect me like it did just a few days ago.

Day 12

The initial explorations are complete. Mechatron's power grid has been down for millennia, but with a few new stabilizer crystals in place the entire planet should be functional.

A few of the others have been reporting weird circuit glitches, dizzy spells, things of that nature. Tech's got her hands too full to check them out yet, but I wonder... I've been having trouble concentrating. Must be stress from the mission.

Day 22

I can't think, and no one knows what's wrong. It's not right. It's like all the wires in my head are throbbing. This is wrong.

I remember an explosion... I think it had to do with the new power grid... Robots screaming... Sparks flying everywhere... I can't think... Why do I feel so light? And where's the rest of the planet?


Could we have actually wiped out a chunk of planet that huge? I know the crystals we were using weren't entirely compatible with the old technology, but Tech would have compensated for that... Or should have... Should? Could? Would?

Day 45

I can't find the ship. It must have gone up in the explosion. Tomorrow I've got to find out if anyone else made it.

Day 51

My chronometer is damaged. It's either Day 52 or 53. I hope I guessed right.

Day 60

I tried to send a call for help, but I can't remember how. My comlink is picking up some stray signals from space, but they're very faint, very faint. They must be important; why else would they be sending them to me?

Day 60

It's either today or tomorrow. Tech is okay, but she's hurt badly. If only she were alive; she could fix herself. Now I know the source of the signal. It's got to be coming from the person who sent it.

Day Day

What curious folk, my would-be rescuers be! They seek to entertain me and keep me informed at the same time. I guess they're sending me images of the planet they're from--and the inhabitants are bizarre. Grey-skinned organisms, from the look of it. They're coming for me, eventually. They said to leave the driving to them. I just hope they get while the getting's good. Good times come to those who wait.

Episode 70

I tried to fix myself tomorrow. It was hard to do after both my arms came off. Will he get himself back together in time to leap off a tall building in a single bound? Find out next week!

Episode 72

I'm back, sports fans, with another exciting tip from your sponsor. This is truly the good life, or my name's not... Oh, fiddlesticks. I've done gone and slipped my hard drive. I'm such a wreck...

Wreck 88

Where are my friends, my countrymen, to lend me their ears? Car 54, where are you?? What is it, girl? Are you trying to tell us something? Maybe it's for the best... the best times of your life belong to the night.

And Now For Something Completely Different:

I found some logs, some roly-poly logs, written by the ship's commander. He must have had a commanding presence. Present yourself! Presently he is unavailable, please hang up and dial again. Begin the beguine!

Tech is back, but similar and different... Now we're two of a kind, and soon there will be more. It's not easy, but nothing worthwhile ever is. Soon, soon... soon they will be free! Free to walk and talk and save ten cents a minute.

Home sweet hamburger.

THE END...?!


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