Zobovor's Updates Archive (2000)

I am constantly making minor modifications to various pages (correcting spelling mistakes, adding a few new bloopers here and there, scraping gum off the seats, etc.) but they don't warrant an update in the archive; you won't find those here.  Also, keep in mind that some of these links may no longer be active as I shift, change, and rearrange the good ol' ZMFTS.


(8/11)  This month marks the biggest update in the history of the ZMFTS.  Bigger than the biggest update ever, and then some!





(7/16)  It's the Big Summer Update!

(6/5)  Uploaded 25 new Hot Wheels Repaints!  Highlights include the Aerialbots and Constructicons.  The blueprints and design concept drawings for my Arcee kitbash are also up if anyone wants to see them.  I also moved a mess of Star Wars kitbashes from Webjump to FortuneCity.

(6/3)  Added my latest creation, the Arcee Transforming Kitbash, to Zobovor's Kitbashes page.  I've got the new and improved Transmutate finished as well, but you'll have to wait until I send it to ViceGripX so he can take some digicam shots of it for me.  

(5/28)  Moved the Many Faces of Optimus Prime page and created its arch rival, the Many Faces of Megatron!


(5/8)  Um...  Uploaded a picture of a spider.  And accidentally replaced the home page.  Oops.  

(4/13)  I've got some fun new kitbashes uploaded for your perusal, and a few other oddities.  Here's the latest batch:

(3/20)  One of the things that's kept me so busy lately is writing product reviews for Epinions.com.  (Hey, it pays the rent.)  I've gathered most of the relevant ones together on a new Toy Reviews page for your reading pleasure.  I'm not too proud to ask that you join as a member of Epinions (it's free, no obligations) because I earn a few cents each time one of my reviews gets a page hit from a member.  The more my reviews earn for me, the less time I need to spend writing them and the more time I can get back to working on the ZMFTS.

I'd also like to direct your attention to Radio Free Cybertron.  It's a Transformers Internet radio show home to the RFC Transformers: the Movie Parody, an all-new show with original scripts and voice acting by the staff.  I did most of the voice work and dubbing for the first part, and I'm rather proud of it.  Check it out when you get a chance.

(3/7)  Played around with the links page a bit, which is now Zobovor's Trans-Links Express.  Catchy, huh?

(2/24)  Uploaded the Episode List and Writer Credits for the Transformers Television Encyclopedia, which is complete except for some of the writer credits for Transformers season one and the Beast Machines episodes that have not aired yet.

Also tweaked the Constructicons image on the home page a bit.  

(2/11)  Added my G.B. Blackrock Kitbash to Zobovor's Kitbashes Page.

(2/10)  The new and improved ZMFTS Guestbook 2000 is up.  You all were very naughty.  Except those of you who weren't.

(2/8)  Created the one, the only, The Transformers Dance!  Accept no substitutions!

(2/2)  Here's what's new for the month of February:

(1/1/2000)  For those of you just joining us, welcome to Zobovor's Multi-Faceted Transformers Site!  And for all you happy people who have been awaiting the latest update, I deeply apologize for keeping you waiting.  I hope that the new features and additions will have made the delays at least somewhat worth it.  I've got a lot planned for the site in the coming year, so remember to check back!  In the meantime, here's what we've got for ya:

Brand-Spanking New Stuff

Updated Old Stuff

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